529 Garage Campus Edition

No more paper forms, no more spreadsheets

Forget index cards and spreadsheets that make it hard to collect even the smallest amount of data about your students’ bikes, and are impossible to manage. With the 529 Garage, your students enter detailed information including photographs of their bike on their mobile device or on our easy to use website. Once captured, their bike is immediately connected to your university making the bike easily searchable for your campus police and transportation staff.

Simple setup

Our cloud-based system means there’s no complicated software to install. Simply indicate mandatory data fields, your alert notification alias and any custom messages, and distribute a 529 Shield to each cyclist. We will track the bike and owner for you, send reminders to complete the registration process.

Notify and report

If a bike goes missing, the bike owner can quickly use the 529 Garage to alert nearby cyclists and their social networks to be on the look-out before the bike leaves the campus. Additionally, the Garage automatically sends complete bike and incident details to the appropriate campus police contact saving time and money on stolen bike reporting.

Find owners of recovered bikes

Is your property room filling up with bikes? Help get them back to their rightful owners with our property room bike management system. Just add the bikes you've recovered, and we'll automatically search all of the stolen and non-stolen bikes registered with us (and other registries, like Bike Index) for potential matches, so you don't have to. Our service keeps searching, in the event the bike is registered after the fact.

Peace of mind off campus too

The 529 Garage turns bike registration from a “tax” to an investment in protecting students’ bicycles off campus as well. Our unique crowd-connected alert system immediately notifies nearby 529 members in the vicinity of the crime to be on the look out. This greatly increases the chance of recovery in the case of a theft for the life of the bicycle, no matter where it occurs.

Education & awareness

Our notification system not only instantly alerts campus police and students to be on the lookout, but raises awareness about the frequency of bike theft and the importance of properly locked bikes. We can help you with co-branded collateral to guide your students on the best way to secure their bike and also work with you on implementation of bait bike programs.

Plans for schools of all sizes

We have a plan to fit your school, whether you are managing a hundred or 10,000 bikes.

Make your campus a safer place for bikes.

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